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These are the most recent sightings sent to us by members and the public.

(4,945 Observations recorded at 30th May 2024)

If you would like to log a sighting of any flora or fauna in the Toodyay or adjacent areas please click the link provided.
Please enter your name for for us to verify your sighting,and contact details at the end of your notes, as we may need to get more details from you. You do not have to be a member.
The following information would be useful, if at all possible.
1) time of day?
2) weather conditions?
3) landscape eg: road verge, scrubland, breakaway country, high or low in a tree, etc, ?
4) what the creature was doing at the time of the sighting?
5) approximate size?
6) gender (if possible)?
7) colouration?
8) photographed?
9) any other interesting observation/s at the time of sighting?
10) for plants, the surrounding growth, number of plants and their general condition, is it a wetland?

Please try and limit the number of characters you enter to 100. A photograph will be a great advantage in identification of those hard to categorise animals or plants

Log a sighting

# Date Location Species Notes
21 25-05-2024 Julimar Forest Honeyeater, Tawny-crowned (Gliciphila melanops)
22 25-05-2024 Julimar Forest Honeyeater, Brown (Lichmera indistincta)
23 25-05-2024 Julimar Forest Honeyeater, White-cheeked (Phylidonyris niger)
24 25-05-2024 Julimar Forest Honeyeater, Brown-headed (Melithreptus brevirostris)
25 25-05-2024 Julimar Forest Whistler, Western (Pachycephala fuliginosa)
26 25-05-2024 Julimar Forest Whistler, Rufous (Pachycephala rufiventris) Calling
27 25-05-2024 Julimar Forest Woodswallow, Dusky (Artamus cyanopterus)
28 25-05-2024 Julimar Forest Fantail, Grey; Rhipidura fuliginosa
29 25-05-2024 Julimar Forest Wagtail, Willie (Rhipidura leucophrys)
30 25-05-2024 Julimar Forest Raven, Australian (Corvus coronoides)
31 25-05-2024 Julimar Forest Robin, Western Yellow (Eopsaltria griseogularis)
32 25-05-2024 Julimar Forest Martin, Tree (Petrochelidon nigricans) Ross McDougall
33 24-05-2024 Stirlingia Drive, Majestic Heights Cat, Feral (Felis catus) Drinking from bird bath at 12.15am. Filmed on sensor camera
34 22-05-2024 Stirlingia Drive, Majestic Heights Echidna Late afternoon a large animal seen below carpark, fossicking among the leaf litter next to a fallen log
35 19-05-2024 Stirlingia Drive, Majestic Heights Honeyeater, Brown (Lichmera indistincta) Brown honeyeater sharing a bird bath with a Grey Fantail and a Silvereye. Filmed on sensor camera
36 18-05-2024 Stirlingia Drive, Majestic Heights Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla) Tw0 galahs drinking together - filmed on sensor camera
37 18-05-2024 Stirlingia Drive, Majestic Heights Magpie, Australian (Gymnorhina tibicen) Magpie and Ringneck parrot drinking together. Filmed on sensor camera
38 17-05-2024 Stirlingia Drive, Majestic Heights Raven, Australian (Corvus coronoides) Two ravens drinking together. First time filmed on sensor camera.
39 15-05-2024 Stirlingia Drive, Majestic Heights Robin, Western Yellow (Eopsaltria griseogularis) Filmed by sensor camera on bird bath
40 15-05-2024 Stirlingia Drive, Majestic Heights Robin, Scarlet; Robin Red-breast; (Petroica multicolor) Filmed by sensor camera on/in bird bath

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