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These are the most recent sightings sent to us by members and the public. If you would like to log a sighting of any flora or fauna in the Toodyay area, please click the link provided. You must enter your name for for us to verify your sighting, and contact details at the end of your notes, as we may need to get more details from you. Please try and limit the number of characters you enter to 100.

Log a sighting

# Date Location Species Notes
361 01-12-2011 310 Church Gully Road Gould's monitor Walking around
362 29-11-2011 Harper Rd Toodyay Gould's Monitor Was sunning itself in backyard, was disturbed by dog, but didn't run away. it went back into rock pile i have in backyard after about 5 minutes.
363 09-10-2011 Old Toodyay Road, near James Cottage Brain Fungas Found by Bob Frayne
364 14-02-1999 Parkland Drive, Toodyay Carpet Python 8.00hrs-T40C, high blustery winds-past 3 days T28C-1.2 metre-in budgerigar avairy and had been there for several days-bit area between Wayne's fingers in attempt at removal-Openshaw family.
365 08-02-1999 Frank Venn Road, Clackline ????Woma 5 feet-yellow sand area-coloured a maroon/red with wide-set stripes-killed-Christeen Donegan.
366 27-01-1999 Stirlingia Drive, Toodyay Stimson's Python 20.50hrs-T 24 degrees-moved slowly off road into Acacia accuminata on Shire reserve Lot 11 boundary-hot, hot day with blustery winds.
367 31-12-1998 Lot 11 Stirlingia Drive, Toodyay Stimson's Python 19.30hrs-1 metre investigating sliding door then disappeared through the hubcap of the car-photographed 10cms of disppearing tail.
368 31-12-1998 White Gum Ridge, off Red Gum Circle, Regal Hills, Toodyay Carpet Python 17.30hrs-1 metre-lying on road-encouraged off road on to verge-Carol Worrell.
369 27-12-1998 Blackboy Way, Morangup, Toodyay Stimson's Python Found by John Stevens on house veranda then moved away to garden over rocks.
370 27-12-1998 Blackboy Way, Morangup, Toodyay Stimson's Python 07.45hrs-on back veranda then moved to rocks and moved over them-photographed-John Stevens.
371 26-12-1998 Blackboy Way, Morangup, Toodyay Stimson's Python 10.30hrs-1.2 metre-45mm girth-sloughing its skin on veranda at door-killed by lady owner-reported by John Stevens.
372 22-12-1998 Koojedda Road, Bakers hill Carpet Python 1.6 metres-attracted by agitated Magpies-swamp nearby-easing itself through the branches of an almond tree-excellent condition-black and white and shiny-Dave McGinlay.
373 27-11-1998 Marri Glades, Toodyay ???Woma 2 years previously-1 metre-beautiful gold with brown stripes-on woodheap-escaped down a hole-dug it out and killed it-Jack Hammer.
374 20-11-1998 Lot 60 Howard Road, Toodyay Carpet Python 1.5 metre-lying in the sun near the house-good condition-no bumps-Josephine Ellis.
375 17-11-1998 Mt Anderson Street, Toodyay Carpet Python 13.00hrs-1.2 metres-on bedroom floor-very, very old house-hadn't seen mice for a long period-Bill O'Meara.
376 16-11-1998 Blackboy Way, Morangup, Toodyay Carpet Python 16.30hrs-1.5 metre-good condition-lying on rock wall of garden-John Stevens.
377 08-05-1998 Wandoo Circle, Vernon Hills, Toodyay Carpet Python 21.00hrs-24C-humid-few spots of rain-2.1 metre-Robyn Beattie-relocated to 'Erindale Farm' among rocks, stream, frogs, old Wandoo trees-photographed.
378 19-04-1998 Lot 1 Dewars Pool Road, Toodyay Stimson's Python 25C-rained 2 days earlier-sunny day with moderate cloud cover-no wind-1 metre under a leaking horse trough then moved to climb a tree-Samantha Blythe.
379 18-04-1998 Lot 11 Louisa Circle, Rolling Green, Toodyay Carpet Python 15.30hrs-T23C-rain overnight-cloudy/sunny-65cm-stretched through wisteria near house-Gerry Clarke.
380 11-04-1998 Lot 50 Timbercreek Crescent, Woodlands Height, Toodyay Carpet Python Found 10.04.98 by family cat beneath ledge on veranda-visited 8.00hrs-25cm-relocated away from house in rocks/grass/York gums-Sharon Stoffell-photographed.

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