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When sick, injured, orphaned or displaced wildlife are rescued they will be frightened, in pain from an injury and/or in shock.


Check the dangers to yourself from:

Passing traffic, beaks, talons, teeth and claws. Use a towel or piece of clothing to throw over a bird or animal before attempting to pick it up.

What you can do

  1. Place the rescued wildlife in a cardboard box (or such like) with a towel in the bottom and a lid on top to create a secure, warm and dark surrounding.
  2. Place the box in a QUIET place away from TV, children and domestic pets.
  3. Contact Robyn and Brian Foley on 9574 5448 or Mob 0417 173 283
  4. Contact Kanyana Wildlife Hospital, 120 Gilchrist Road Lesmurdie on 9291 3900
  5. For large raptors, contact Terry High (Gidgegannup) on 0408 918 272);

The Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055 (24 hour 7 day service)

to be directed to the nearest voluntary carer.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT offer any food or water to wildlife until advice has been received from the emergency contacts.

NEVER OFFER COW’S MILK TO ANY WILDLIFE as the lactose causes gastric problems.

    The risk of dehydration is very high so transportation to trained people is of the highest priority!

Take the animal or bird to your nearest voluntary carer as soon as possible where veterinary treatment will be given as necessary; do not wait to see what will happen! Without expert medical help the bird, animal or reptile's condition may rapidly deteriorate and very soon it will be beyond help. 


Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055 (24 hour 7 day service)
Lex Bekovs Mob 0405 331 510 ($40 charge).
Brian Foley 9574 5448
Cameron Large 9574 5848 Mob 0423 800 208
John Hansen Mob 0491 228 742 (weekends only- donation appreciated)
Please remember the cost of fuel that these volunteers use to assist with relocations. A donation would be most acceptable for these volunteers who give up their own time to assist others.